6th Faculty Research Conference

Date : Saturday, 6 October 2012       From : 9:00am   To : 12:15pm
Category : Student Events       Location : SUB Conference 3000

Event Description :

Faculty presentations on their recent research and scholarly work.

09:00 Registration begins
09:15 Welcome by Provost P. Joan Poor

09:30 David Murphy, "Inference to the Best Explanation and Extension"
10:00 Marc Rice, "'C'mon, Get Out Bashar:' You Tube, Rap, and the Arab Spring"
10:30 Roberta Donahue, "Assessing the Alcohol Education Needs of College-Bound Adolescents"

11:00 Break

11:15 Robert Bates Graber, "Civilization and Sexual Sublimation: A Cross-Cultural Search for Explanatory Asymmetry"
11:45 Marc Becker, "Intermediaries in the South American Andes"

12:15 Lunch in Georgian B. Jason Miller leads a discussion on the state of support for faculty scholarship.

Email : edis@truman.edu